Download Windows 8.1 installer directly from Microsoft

Microsoft has released a tool that allows you to download the Windows 8.1 installer and create the installation media. Windows 8 users who wanted to get the Windows 8.1 installer from official sources have been up to date because they can only upgrade our existing system through the store, Microsoft does not provide a separate installer for Windows 8 users.

So Windows 8 (legitimate) key users must first install Windows 8 on each re-installation and then perform the update procedure from the store. Only one bug from the Windows 8 installation help could be accessed from the official source for the installer. Microsoft has now released a tool to download the Windows 8.1 installer and create the installation media.

How to Download Windows 8.1 installer?

You can download a Windows 8.1 installer with few steps. Please follow these steps and get Windows installer directly from Microsoft.

Step One:

Click here to get the Media Creation Tool. According to the instructions on this page, Windows 7 requires a valid Windows 8 / 8.1 key (I did not ask for a key in Windows 7).

After launching the program, you must select the language of the system (all available languages ​​supported by Windows), the release (plain Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1 Pro and N versions) and Windows 8.1 Single Language release is included in the list) and the architecture (x86 and x64).

Download a Windows 8.1 installer

Step Two:

In the next step, you can create USB media (you need at least 4GB of media), or you can save the ISO file. When selecting the first option, you need to specify the USB media where you want to create the installer and the destination folder where you want to save the ISO file for the latter.

Windows 8.1 installer download

Step Three:

After that, the download starts, we get information about how many percents the download is and the remaining time is shown on the program. So, you need to wait for completing download of Windows 8.1.

Download Windows 8.1 installer

If you choose to save the ISO file instead of the USB installer, you can create the installation media later on. It took a while for Microsoft to provide Windows 8.1 installation availability from an official source. The Media Creation Tool helps all users to get the installer from an official source and to create a USB installation media.

Finally, You can download Windows 8.1 installer directly from Microsoft website. Now you can enjoy Windows 8.1 operating system with cool features. I hope, you enjoy reading this article. Please give feedback for the article and also contact us if you need any supports.

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